Royalty Free: Sound Design Competition_Head to Head Battle_Beat Konductaz Trailer from Beat Konductaz on Vimeo.

We have organized a Live, Head to Head Competition that allows Sound Designers, Audio Engineers, Djs, Producers, Beat Makers to Create & Compete on one soundstage. This 3 round battle is a test of ones musical skill, creativity, performance, showmanship, dynamics, quality and overall ability to move the crowd. Whilst the audio battle rages on, we also have Live visual imagery provided by artists painting their inspirations. The final mural will be presented to the victor of this competition.
Each Contestant will be equipped with his/her own musical instruments, headphones and audio tools. We will provide them with 3 separate composition tasks, one of which will be revealed and must be created live on stage. Each round will be judged and critiqued by a Celebrity Judge, Veteran Audio Engineer, Recording Artist and You.
Beat Konductaz is a collective of djs, producers, engineers, artists and community builders that are committed towards preserving the balance within the arts while delivering the most exciting and new sound designs.